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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Products

Are your proprietary blend herbal products all natural?

Yes, all our herbal blends are 100% natural nutraceuticals, and capsules are food-grade, vegetarian-friendly and vegan suitable.

Have your products gone through clinical trials?

Yes, our products have all gone through successful clinical trialing.


Why is the Reinvigorator brand so popular?

Reinvigorator is very popular, and for good reason. Reinvigorator is an advanced daily *NMN supplement designed to boost cellular repair, optimize metabolism and increase energy production.

Additional product questions? Please refer to www.herbalmax.com/product/reinvigorator-formula.

What does it do?

Reinvigorator is an *NAD+ replacement. NAD+ decreases in our cells as we age. It also contains an energy boosting proprietary blend of natural herb concentrates and superfoods like Acai Berry.

What is the correct dosage?

Recommended dosage is 2 capsules daily. Before or after meals. Morning is recommended, as Reinvigorator is biologically designed to increase energy and boost metabolism.

We recommend the following age-appropriate dosing:
Ages under 60: 2 capsules once a day.
Ages 60-65: 2-3 capsules once a day.
Ages over 65: 3 capsules once a day.

Are competitor costs comparative?

Unlike some of our competitors, our products have a very high purity rate which is very important to the effectiveness on the body.

Our NMN product is 98 percent pure. Purity in production requires high manufacturing quality, and we only use the best available ingredients.

Is Reinvigorator FDA approved?

The Food and Drug Administration regulates prescription and non-prescription drugs in the United States. Because dietary supplements are not drugs, the FDA is not tasked with the regulation of supplements that fall under the non-drug category.

Why are the studies only done on mice?

Longevity science trials are currently undergoing human testing with NMN, which is the natural next step in the scientific research process, particularly after the positive results of the Harvard animal trials.

Is it safe to take with other prescribed meds? High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, etc.?

We advise you speak to your doctor before taking any dietary supplement, and about your specific requirements.


Do we ever offer Specials or Discounts?

We run unscheduled, occasional offers of which we announce via an email to existing customers as soon as our marketing team sets the offer, so it’s a great idea to be on our mailing list.

How do I order?

Our website, www.herbalmax.com has a dedicated page for which to order all our products, we made the customer experience easy for you.

Can I order in person?

We currently sell our products online or through authorized resellers. If you require assistance please contact customer support at support@herbalmax.com

What if I require assistance placing my order?

If you require assistance with your order, our dedicated customer support team will be happy to guide you through your purchase.
Email support@herbalmax.com or call customer support on 949-232-1166.


How much is shipping?

We refer you to your shopping cart, that’s the best way to estimate your shipping costs as shipping depends on product, quantity and location, there are also multiple shipping options.

How do I track my package?

After your order has been processed by our sales team, we email you your tracking number. You track your order using that number. Keep your order number handy, we can always look it up for you if you don’t have it on hand.

When will my package arrive?

Delivery timeliness depends on the delivery option you chose at check-out, and are subject to holidays, weekends, weather. Stock levels and delivery variances, all of which are out of our control.

International shipping?

We ship to U.S and Canada only. If you are in doubt of whether we ship to where you live, please email support@herbalmax.com to confirm.

Our Location

Where are you located?

Our corporate office is located in the technology hub in Irvine, Southern California. We do not currently hold inventory in our HQ and our manufacturing facilities are scattered throughout southern California.

Do you have any retail locations?

All ordering is done online at this time. Our corporate office is not a retail location, but our customer support team can help you with your online order on our website www.herbalmax.com

Do you have any resellers?

We have multiple resellers but we are not authorized to provide reseller information. They are responsible for their own advertising.

How do I become a reseller?

We always welcome all inquiries to join our brand. There is a step-by-step process a member of our sales team will walk you through. Please contact sales@herbalmax.com


How do I resolve my issue?

Please email support@herbalmax.com and include as much information as possible, such as your order number along with any photo documentation if appropriate, when contacting customer support. Our dedicated team will do their best to answer your questions or resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Can I speak with someone directly?

Of course, although we recommend emailing concerns to support@herbalmax.com first, in that way we can respond to you with the information regarding your query, we also have customer support staff on hand to answer any inquiries at our HQ office on 949-232-1166 during normal business hours.

Please expect delays in response to your inquiries made to our support staff over national holidays, weekends and after normal business hours.