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Anxiety & Stress

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Designed to soothe the mind and body and promote overall well-being.*

Product Details

Unique Features

  • Calms the mind and body*
  • Strengthens ability to handle future stress*
  • Promotes overall well-being*
  • 100% Natural

Vegetarian Friendly

Preservative Free

The Herbalmax calming Anxiety & Stress Formula merges modern biotechnology with an ancient herbal blend proven to encourage swift relief from occasional bouts of anxiety without sacrificing clarity while strengthening the ability to cope with future bouts of stress.*

The soothing and healing qualities of Lilium Root harmonize with the proprietary herb blend to pacify restlessness and halt acute stress from interfering with inevitable life triggers.*

The natural ingredients work harmoniously to calm the spirit, relax the body and deliver long-lasting relief for persons suffering from the off-and-on debilitating impact of stress.*


Herbalmax Proprietary Blend

Biota Seed
Citrus Reticulata
American Ginseng
Artemisia Annua
Poria cum Pini Radice
Valerian Root

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