Dead Tired

Dead Tired

- Lynda Bateman

Why do we sleep less and feel it more as we age?

We all get tired. After a hard day of work, a stressful period in our lives, or a lot of physical activity, our body needs rest. In our younger years, we probably didn’t think about sleep, night came, we fell asleep and our bodies did the necessary work of repair – end of story. But as we age, things get a bit more complicated, poor sleep patterns that have gone unchecked for years can and often do remap our natural sleep cycle. There are deeper forces at work too, which keep us from a good night’s sleep.  As we age, cells lose much of the primary co-enzyme NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) which is vital to many normal functions of the body, sleep being one of them.

Senior Research Scientist at biotech company, Herbalmax in Southern California, Mohamed Shaharuzzaman Ph. D explains that by the time we reach our fiftieth birthday, most of us are working on approximately half our original stores of NAD, which is often when sleep problems really hit their stride.

“Imagine an hourglass, and the sand slowly pouring from the upper chamber everyday of our lives, that’s essentially what is happening with our cell’s NAD supply.” Dr. Shaharuzzaman describes NAD loss as we age as one of the main reasons we become symptomatic and can struggle with sleep loss. “If we kept our NAD supplies balanced by supplementing NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) products like Reinvigorator, Enhanced NMN Formula, we’d see a marked improvement in our overall health, including sleep.

What happens when sleep disrupts our daytime routine?

How long has it been since you slept through the night? When sleep is interrupted, people grow desperate and as the months wear on, many will introduce sleep aids. When they no longer work, frustrations with a lack of sleep begin to impact our cognitive, emotional and physical ability to get through the day. Throw intermittent periods of stress into the mix like the trauma of a death, illness of a loved-one or self, divorce, or a job loss and a once occasional sleep problem doubles-down and we can wind up in a chronic sleep loss cycle.

My mother was an RN and while my brothers and sister and I were young, she worked the graveyard shift at the hospital. There is a twelve-year age gap between my eldest brother and me, meaning she logged in a staggering 27 years without a decent night’s sleep. Short-term, it certainly took its toll on her decision-making skills as a young woman – she always warned us off asking any important questions during the day when she was at her most drowsy and as she aged, she could never shake the permanent cellular damage of habitual interrupted sleep that followed her into her older years.

What she didn’t realize was, like the rest of us, she was also losing her NAD stores, compounded with the stress of chronic sleep loss, my mother’s autoimmune disease kicked into high gear.


It’s important to understand the distinction between the life choices we make that rob our sleep, like working the night shift or spending too much time on our iPhones, and the physiological, inevitable loss of NAD from our cells as we age. It’s also central to note that by the time sleep becomes a problem for us it’s usually around mid-life, coincidently or not so coincidently, around the same time the loss of our NAD supply becomes significant.

Resolving our sleep issues requires us to make a few changes and sometimes difficult choices. Altering our hard and fast patterns is essential to begin the slow turn around to healthy aging and ultimately better sleep. Luckily, filling up our NAD stores to give our cells what they need to do their jobs, is actually pretty easy with regular NMN supplementation with top nutraceuticals like Herbalmax’s Reinvigorator Enhanced NMN Formula.


Let’s expand on the importance of NAD. NAD exists in all cells, and not just human cells, but plants and all living things. NAD’s main task is assisting the cell’s survival in handling the daily onslaught of environmental changes, and stressors – things like managing DNA repair, inflammatory responses and circadian rhythms, that ancient internal clock.

Depleting NAD stores as we age leaves us vulnerable to those essential functions breaking down, so replenishing NAD is fast becoming fundamental to living well, longer.

How do we restock NAD in our cells?

Thanks to innovative bio tech companies like Herbalmax, in Southern California, the answer is not as difficult as it seems.

Dr. Shaharuzzaman simplifies the process of replenishing NAD stores with NMN. “NMN is an active precursor coenzyme to NAD, and has been identified as the key coenzyme to life in all cells. The exciting research at Harvard University by David Sinclair into NAD and aging, has catapulted NMN into the mainstream nutraceutical industry and has facilitated its everyday use as a safe and highly effective way to replenish NAD+ supplies.”

Biotech engineers at Herbalmax are leaders in science-based nutraceuticals. Reinvigorator was developed as a 99% pure NMN product compared with many other products averaging at a much less effective 25%.  Reinvigorator is one in a premier line of Herbalmax’s pioneering nutraceuticals designed to help support cell function as we age.

In short, remapping a whole life of sleep disrupters will not be an easy task but beginning a healthy approach earlier rather than later will keep things ticking along. As anyone will tell you, an ounce of prevention – well, you know the rest.