Herbalmax Invests in Education With Healthy Science Blog

Herbalmax Invests in Education With Healthy Science Blog

- Herbalmax Release

Global biotech solutions company, Herbalmax Inc., proudly announces the launch of its freshly-minted educational blog designed to become a primary resource for the health-savvy consumer.

Irvine, CA, MAY 3, 2019, 10:07 AM PSTHerbalmax Inc. is delighted to launch its latest health education initiative, the Healthy Science Blog.

Hot on the heels of a company rebrand, Herbalmax will now offer a streamlined product line, updated and state of the art manufacturing and distribution operations, with a new look and user-friendly website set to follow shortly. As part of these efforts, Herbalmax has set its sights on becoming a teaching hub for consumers wanting to learn more about plant-based nutraceuticals.

“We approach health and human wellness with vigorous curiosity that is slightly obsessive. Our scientists are meticulous in the design and craft of safe, proprietary blend products of unsurpassed quality, and keep the customer firmly at the center of their focus,” vaunts Lynda Bateman, Herbalmax Director of Media.

One of the future goals of the Herbalmax blog is to build an information hub for the consumer with well-written, easily accessed articles of relatable topics on health and well-being, industry news, and the latest scientific breakthroughs.

“Our articles are fact-based, content-heavy, yet easy to read, which makes them perfect for prominent media like the San Francisco Bay Chronicle, the Connecticut Post and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Additionally, we have appeared on NBC affiliates, the New Jersey Star Ledger, and the respected and trending online magazine, The Ageist,” notes Bateman.

The Company has redefined what it means to be clear and informational in a clogged and often confusing supplement marketplace and are building an “industry library” for the purposes of educating the public about nutraceuticals so they can make the best choices for themselves to help fill the gaps that might exist in their health care.

Bateman adds, “We are thinking ahead to even more comprehensive mediums including a monthly Healthy Science Newsletter, a comprehensive info-series on nutraceuticals, and a downloadable, Healthy Science Podcast.”

As an established and trusted firm in the health and wellness biotech design and manufacturing space for 20 years, the Company is confident that a teaching-based narrative is as essential for the consumer as it is for any business invested in human health.

Dr. Mohamed Shaharuzzaman, Ph. D., Senior Research Scientist at Herbalmax Inc. is one of the driving forces behind this new approach. “As a scientist, it is my job to base everything I do on facts and education to produce the best product. That ethos resonates very well as a company core value and promises to be prominent as our central message going forward.” X