5 Things Dad’s With Endless Energy Do Everyday

5 Things Dad’s With Endless Energy Do Everyday

- Lynda Bateman

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16 and the best thing Dad can do for his family this year, is take care of himself. Here’s a quick How-To, to help Dad turn around his fading energy levels and be Super Dad again!

Right off the bat, Happy Father’s Day, Dads! You’re doing more than ever for your families, and get very little credit for all your efforts. Not that you need a lot of praise, but a pat on the back occasionally from a random article isn’t a bad thing.

The trouble is, dads and usually men in general, don’t regularly look for help when they’re running out of steam. Months, even years will go by without paying attention to their health. Then all of a sudden, WHAMMO!

Has Dad hit the wall?

Push through, get it done, wake up, do it again. Men ignore the red flags, leaving the door open to disease.

Most of us have hit the wall at one time or another. It’s not a lot of fun. Energy becomes a thing of the past and during the day our normal oomph fades, or disappears altogether. Even worse, when chronic fatigue sets in over an extended period of time, the body struggles to keep its vitamin and mineral stores up, our immune system becomes compromised, and that’s when disease can set up camp.

Men, like women, take a no-nonsense approach to fatigue. Push through, get it done, wake up, do it again.  Parents are especially guilty of ignoring themselves and the red flags that can lead to illness. After a time, bouncing back gets more and more difficult.

Tweaking our lifestyles, even in small ways, can be a big game-changer. Here are five quick changes Dad can make TODAY to put the pep back in his step.

ONE: Cut it out! Energy is zapped when the foods we eat do not feed our engines. With modern, busy lives filled with work, kid’s, stress and pressure, dads eat more on the go than at any time in human history. True story. Eating on the go usually means junk food, or forgetting altogether.

So, cut out energy-draining foods like sugar, processed food, coffee and alcohol and fill your plate with good fats rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients and refill vitamin stores.

Sitting down and eating mindfully is no small thing, it helps with digestion and goes a long way to better gut health and supporting metabolism.

TWO: Exercise. Normal energy levels can be lifted after just one brisk walk outdoors. Don’t believe me, take the challenge!

Men often feel they haven’t exercised at all if they didn’t feel the burn, but a fast walk or even a light jog, especially at times when chronic fatigue takes hold, can make all the difference and is sometimes all it takes.

As long as exercise is a regular part of our schedules, in whatever form it may come, our bodies benefit in ways often not considered. The knock-on effects include better sleep, improved circulation, reduction of plaque in the arteries, mental clarity, emotional calm, clearer skin. The list goes on. 

THREE: Nutraceuticals are the new buzzword in home health care. They are a significant addition to vitamin and mineral supplementation to combat low ebbs in our health. Nutraceuticals are equal to the task in supporting the systems in our bodies, and are equally essential during times of wellness to boost immunity.

The key is using 100% natural herb concentrates, which hold on to their robust healing properties much better than extracts. Capsules are also excellent at delivering the herbs in their truest form, and in-turn, make the biggest impact on our health.

The best come from companies who are obsessive about selecting only exceptional, 100% natural, active herbs, like the Herbalmax proprietary herbal blends, which gently lifts zapped energy, unlike jittery, caffeinated brands.

Herbalmax’s Energy & Focus formula includes superfood Acai, the little berries that pack a powerful punch, with strong antioxidants to support clear thinking, cardiovascular health and overall well-being.

FOUR: Staying calm to carry on. Tuning out the onslaught of social media, news and the current state of the world isn’t easy. For Dad’s, add kids, work, financial pressures, etc. It can be close to impossible.

Take yourself out of the rat race, even if it’s just for an hour a week. Get a hobby. If it feels like your day is filled with obligation after obligation, find time to do something that energizes the mind, body and spirit and restores creativity. Whether it’s working with your hands in the yard, building a canoe in the garage, sailing, skiing, or sculpting, acting on your need to feel fulfilled in life is essential.

Evidence is strong that people who are self-satisfied, live longer, happier and healthier lives. It’s never too late. What’s on your bucket list?

FIVE: Talk. Start sharing your feelings. Henry David Thoreau said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Thoreau would be surprised how right he still is today.

Men, more than women typically hold in emotion. Additionally, in studies comparing men and women’s emotive differences there is consistent evidence to prove women are generally in touch with emotion better than men. “Women tend to be able to recognize and process the negative emotions of others better than men do.” (Babchuck et al., 1985; Hampson et al., 2006; McClure, 2000).

Being more comfortable around emotion tends to free up women to express themselves more than men, ultimately relieving pent-up feelings that may build up. Emotional stress deadens the immune system and can bubble to the surface causing myriad health issues.

People who find ways to express worrisome feelings often live healthier lives and enjoy emotional clarity well beyond those who don’t.

Father’s Day is everyday

We pay tribute to all dads on Father’s Day in different ways. A thank you and a tie are very nice, and certainly appreciated, but this year maybe the best gift you can give Dad is to help him rediscover his health, which will allow him to be Super Dad 365 days of the year.

The Herbalmax complete line of 100% natural nutraceuticals addresses all aspects of Dad’s complete health and wellbeing. Herbalmax invests in the best science and nature has to offer. Their passion is to bring out every benefit from each herb and ensure safety and effectiveness for its curative purpose. Crafting a superior product boils down to a simple philosophy: use the best science to design superior products.

When Dad’s engine check light comes on, maybe all he needs is a tune-up, and Herbalmax’s Energy & Focus. Give the gift of health to Dad today: https://www.herbalmax.com/

Lynda Bateman is a health and wellness writer and staff contributor.