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Disclaimer: All testimonials reflect only the experience of the party providing the comments. Individual results may vary.
Dr. Kuei Shen, Ph.D.; Space Scientist, Pasadena, CA
I have taken high blood pressure medicine for many years. During this period, I have had numerous side effects from the medication. My doctor changed my medicine more than four different times, but I continued to suffer from side effects. Since I began taking Dr. Marshall's HerbalMax Blood Pressure formula, my blood pressure has dropped to well within the normal range. Even more important to me, I have not experienced any side effects. I was surprised by how rapidly my blood pressure went down.

For many years, I have also taken a drug (Lipitor) to control my cholesterol level. Although the medicine worked, I experienced side effects including Liver problems, and my SGOT and SGPT levels were too high. I started taking Dr. Marshall's HerbalMax Cholesterol formula. Again, I found that the herbal formula helped me to keep my cholesterol level under control. Also, the problems that I had been experiencing with my liver have gone away.

I am very happy with the HerbalMax products. If you have health problems, I strongly recommend that you consider trying the HerbalMax products.
Cindy White; Musician, Sherman Oaks, CA
I have had high blood pressure for a long time. My doctor would try to put me on medication and I could never tolerate the side effects. Dr. Marshall has blood pressure herbal formula that doesn't have any side effects, only good results. My blood pressure has dropped 20 points. I feel so much better and more confident that I can control my blood pressure without the awful side effects I have experienced with western medicine. Thank you, Dr. Marshall, for giving me a blood pressure formula that truly works.
Michael Teruya; Architect, Beverly Hills, CA
I have suffered from chronic bronchitis for several years with severe symptoms including coughing. Upon taking Dr. Marshall's Flu, Cold & Cough pills, my condition improved rapidly. Within a few days, all of my symptoms have been eliminated. It is a miracle.

Also, I have suffered from depression for a year and had been taking several different kinds of awful-depression medications. Dr. Marshall's Mood & Fatigue pills instantly improved my outlook on life and I felt much happier and positive about everything.
Robin Geselowitz; Musician/Artist, Studio City, CA
The Cholesterol formula is an amazing herbal product. I have a family genetic cholesterol problem and heart problems, so when my cholesterol level reached 237, I was so worried. After I took the HERBALmax Cholesterol formula for a while, my cholesterol level had dropped to 178. I hope people who have the same problems try this herbal product and get help.
Joe Loya; English Professor, Monterey Park, CA
As a result of heart surgery, I was on heart, cholesterol and blood pressure medication. After a few years, my blood tests indicated that these medications were causing liver damage. Unfortunately, I was also experiencing extreme muscle pain and daily fatigue. I decided I wouldn't live like this anymore and after some research, I stopped taking those medications and began Dr. Marshall's herbal regimen.

After about a week, I noticed a marked improvement. Gone were the muscle pains and fatigue. I am also so pleased that my liver function is healing naturally. These herbs have restored a quality of life that I had lost. I strongly encourage everyone to try these herbs. They really work and have been a God-send to me.
Sasha Spencer; Championship 800m Runner-USA,
As a professional athlete the only way to achieve my goals is to push my body beyond its limits every single day. I cannot afford the time lost to colds or sickness. I took HERBALmax Flu & Cold for the first time when I felt a hint of a bug creeping up. I felt tremendous improvement within just 24 hours. Naturally, when I felt the symptoms of a urinary tract infection, I turned to Dr. Marshall's Infection Formula. The painful urination dissipated after the first day, and in two more I was pain-free without the hassle of appointments or the danger of chemicals. Dr. Marshall's formulas are the first place I turn for all of my medical concerns.
Kate Strand; Musician, Hollywood, CA
Dr. Marshall's Acne Formula has drastically decreased my breakouts! After years of frustrating acne and trying various different drugs and dermatologists, this formula is where I finally saw dramatic results. I no longer get deep painful pimples, and if I even notice something coming up, I just take some of the herbs and it keeps it under control. Getting up and doing my makeup is not only minimal, but exciting to see my skin clear up more and more everyday. I highly recommend this product.
John Ofsanko; Ex Professional Athlete, Professional Businessman, Santa Monica, CA
I have known Dr. Marshall for over 8 years now. I had a major injury ( shattered tibia ). I was fortunate that I did not choose getting hardware placed into my injured area. The healing and painful was slow. I started acupuncture treatments a few times a week to help with the healing process and control the pain. I truly know that this procedure and treatment was a major reason I have full range of motion and seldom any pain. It took awhile,but with Dr. Marshalls treatments and guidance I have be basically healed.

I have taken herbs from Dr. zhang for years. Different herbs that were directed to my situation and condition by Dr. Marshall. I have had great success with all her products and direction. I have had at times a cold/flu...I took the cold/flu herbs and the herbs have always knocked out the illness in days...always better than prescribed medicines...quicker results. I have taken a liver formula for detoxification...that worked great and quickly too...mood and fatigue has helped me...I have taken heart and the cholesterol formulas and experienced great change...I have not had a chloresterol or heart problem,however I noticed I was getting older and my test results, though fine, were slightly higher that previous years...the next time after taking the formula my readings were at a much lower range and better test results.

I have recommended Dr. Marshall to many persons and even purchased formulas for some that are not necessarily followers of Eastern herbs. I am aware of my health being a EX pro athlete. I am in touch with my health and the current medical advancements. I have noticed herbal additives in many,many supplements that are available on the market, including companies with huge budgets and health food stores and regular outlets. The problem with a lot of products , in my opinion , is the amounts and measurements and the amount of research gone into those products. Dr. Marshall has hundreds of years experience with these herbs on a daily basis that has been available to her in her country,through her traditional herbal medicine ,family practice.her clinic ,and studies that far out reach western application. The formula is the"key".

Her formulas are based upon usage and direct contact with people for generations...Her formulas are pure,simple, and best of all, they perform in assisting people in their health and welfare. I would direct anyone to try her formulas. And, if you have not had any success with anything before,call Dr. Marshall she cares,she can help you.
Joan Kerrigan; Musician, San Fernando Valley, CA
I have been taking Dr. Marshall's herbs for mood and fatigue since September of 2003. I have suffered from depression since I was 14 years old. The winter of 2003 was the first time I did not suffer from seasonal depression. I also use her herbs for my sinus problems. I always got sinus infections, and antibiotics just made me worse. My health has completely turned around. I am grateful for Dr. Marshall and her alternative approach. She is not concerned with money, just my well being. You can trust anything she advises.
Yan Marshall; Provincial Government Officer, China
My menopause symptoms started a year ago. Over the last couple of months, they became really bad. I often woke up around midnight, and then had a hard time falling back to sleep. I felt that my heart was always pounding and had a tough time breathing. Sometimes I was very depressed; at other times, I felt anxious. I was very irritable and found it challenging to hold meetings with my staff. It seemed that everything and everyone around me was irritating. I had tried all kinds of herbal supplements and vitamins. Some of them were made in China; some products were from foreign countries. But nothing had helped.

Two months ago, I wrote to Dr. Marshall asking for help. Dr. Marshall suggested that I try her Menopause Formula. She told me, “I am sure it will help”. Because of her confidence, I asked her to send me a couple of months supply of the Menopause Formula.

I received the products on a Tuesday afternoon, and took them right away. Friday morning, I woke up realizing that I had sleep through the entire night for the first time in months. Even more surprising, my heart palpitations, shortness of breathe and hot flashes were gone.

I have continued to take the Menopause Formula, and now I feel really good. I am happy, energetic, and peaceful. My hot flashes are gone. Dr. Marshall’s Menopause Formula is amazing.
Liz Burnette; English Dialect Coach, Venice, CA
I was having problems with irregularity menstrual cycle. I had been to the gynecologist three times in two months. They kept taking tests and telling me I was fine. It was then suggested I take birth control pills to regulate my cycle. I did not want to do this as I am very sensitive to drugs. Needless to say, the irregularity was creating wild mood swings. The lows became more frequent and then just stayed at depression. I did not want to eat, had no energy, had trouble sleeping as well as having crying jags that seemed to come out of nowhere. I am normally a very active, energetic and athletic person. I was living in a nightmare. If you have experienced depression, then you MUST know what I am talking about.

I went to see Lihua and by the second treatment, the irregularity of my cycle was corrected and the Mood & Fatigue herb she gave me helped me feel better in days. I felt no "buzz" or the feeling that I was taking drugs. By the second week, I regained my appetite, was able to exercise again and sleep fully through the night. I could not make this up and would not make this up. I consider what I experienced to be a very personal and private matter, and truthfully I don't feel very comfortable talking about it. But, if sharing it will help some one else the way Lihua helped me, then I share my experience freely. If you are reading this and want to feel better, then go see Lihua Marshall or try her herbal formula. What made my experience even better was Lihua's cheerful and compassionate approach. I have recommended Lihua to others with - I am pleased to say - excellent results.
Susan J. Negus, Ph.D.; Santa Monica, CA
I must let you know how well Dr. Marshall's Cough, Flu & Cold herbs worked for me. I had a very persisted cough for two weeks - I had taken all kinds of products for a cough and nothing had worked. Dr. Marshall gave me some herbs and - they worked! By the next day my cough was markedly better. Thank you for making such effective products.
Dr. D. Plovanich, Dipl; AP Director, Chicago, IL
Dr. Marshall, once again, thank you for your wonderful service and your great herbal products. My patients are very happy with the effects of the formulas I have used so far.
Doreen Etrillar; Computer Engineer, Cypress, CA
I have had chronic eczema since I was six, treated by numerous well known western and eastern practitioners in South East Asia, and Los Angeles, but to no avail. Living in Los Angeles, my most miserable times are when the Santa Ana wind kicks up. The skin on my body cracks with lesions, and I was miserable. In April 2001, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My rheumatologist wanted to put me on Vioxx. To my stubbornness and growing up with herbals, together with the recommendation of my friend, whom Dr. Marshall treated her with MS, I came to Dr. Marshall for help. Dr. Marshall has successfully treated both my chronic eczema and rheumatoid arthritis through acupuncture and herbs. During my pregnancy in 2002, Dr. Marshall helped me to control my chronic eczema through acupuncture and herbs. I delivered a healthy baby girl in 2003. I started taking herbalmax - skin in August 2005, and noticed a tremendous improvement of my eczema. I used to not be able to eat seafood and sushi, but with moderation, I have been able to enjoy them from time to time; and the Santa Ana wind no longer bothers me. My 2 1/2 year old daughter flared up with rashes over her body in November 2005. Her pediatrician suggested cortisone. Since I am adverse to cortisone due to my years of suffering from chronic eczema, I gave my daughter herbal max - skin. Her rashes subsided after 2 days, and disappeared after taking it for one week. I have had excellent results using herbal max myself, on my husband and on my 2 1/2 year old. My family and my extended families always have herbal max products at our house. I am grateful for having met Dr. Marshall and able to lead a healthy life through her acupuncture and herbal max products.
Bruce C.; Film Editor, Los Angeles, CA
I have been taking Dr. Marshall's Heart Formula for three years, and have been very impressed with the results. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with having Mitral Valve Prolapse. I didn't want to take Western Medicine because of known side effects. Since I started taking Heart Formula, all the symptoms have reduced or--in some cases--completely disappeared. The heart palpitations are gone, and my energy level has greatly increased. I have also taken some of Dr. Marshall's other products as needed. I want to thank you for your great products. They really work!!!
Linda PW; P.R., Hollywood, CA
The withdraw formula is a phenomenon.
Maria Thomson; Glendale, CA
I had severe neck and shoulder pain. My doctor suggested that I need a neck surgery. Then my friend told me about the Herbalmax Pain & Anti-inflammation formula. Two days after I took the formula, my pain was much better already. The Pain & Anti-inflammation Formula is a miracle.
Ani Alexon; Interior Designer, Los Angeles, CA
I have suffered from insomnia all my life. I had trouble falling asleep and I also woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep. After I took Dr. Marshall's Formula I slept better right away. By the third night I could sleep without awaking. I felt rejuvenated and relaxed. It was a wonderful feeling. I strongly recommend this Formula to anyone who has sleeping problems.
Joseph Padilla; Manhattan Beach, CA
On September 14, 2007, I was diagnosed with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis or NASH which is a common, often "silent" liver disease via a liver biopsy. My doctor a specialist indicated that presently there were no medications available to treat this condition. I am not obese and I am physically fit, but I have been diagnosed with a fatty liver condition. I was at a loss as to treating this condition and concerned when I found out that untreated, this liver condition could lead to other serious medical problems. The disease is silent and I could not notice any problems in my health without the blood tests administered through my regular checkups.

A close friend who was taking a liver formula referred me to Dr. Lihua Marshall, PhD, OMD for consultation (how to improve my health). I immediately started taking Dr. Marshall's Liver formula, Infection formula and later added the Cholesterol formula. After a few months of taking the formulas, my regular blood tests showed marked improvement in my liver panel readings and cholesterol readings. The specialist physician released me back to my regular physician and indicated that I was no longer at risk. He advised me to keep doing what I was doing.

The proof of my road to recovery is in the comparison of my before/after liver and cholesterol blood test levels.

Prior to taking the formulas my blood tests from my physician:
September 14, 2007: (Biopsy indicates NASH) (Commence Herbal Max Formulas) Liver Blood Enzyme panel AST 152 (Healthy Range: AST 0-40) ALT 305 (Healthy Range: ALT 0-55) Cholesterol 195 mg/dl Triglycerides 159 mg/dl

After taking the formulas my blood tests from my physician:
June 11, 2008: Liver Blood Enzyme panel AST 45 (Healthy Range: AST 0-40) ALT 58 (Healthy Range: ALT 0-55) Cholesterol 145 mg/dl Triglycerides 93 mg/dl

I have experienced no side effects and I have referred my family members to Dr. Lihua Marshall. I want to live and retire to a healthy life with my wife and I thank Dr. Marshall for her help. If you have a liver problem or high cholesterol, I recommend you try her formulas. I am happy that I did.
Susie L; Los Angeles, CA
For the sake of my extreme need for anonymity, my name is not disclosed.

I am a healthcare executive who has worked in the healthcare arena for over 30 years. I came to know Dr. Nancy Marshall a year ago, when I was suffering from a chronic cough and an outburst of rash all over my body.

My internist was quick to point out that the cough and rash were caused by some sort of unknown allergen in the environment. Following her advice, I eliminated the use of all chemicals in my daily routines, i.e. switched laundry detergent to an organic non-allergenic product, stopped using soap and fabric softeners, and double rinsed all products that had direct skin contact to my body. In addition, I eliminated household cleaners, stopped using body lotions and skin products that might have any fragrance or chemicals in them, and stopped wearing any clothing that was not made of 100% cotton. I also replaced carpets in my house with hardwood floors and switched curtains to wooden blinds.

Out of desperation, I was referred to a rheumatologist to make sure I was not reacting to some sort of auto-immune disease, such as lupus. The lab work for auto-immune diseases, including lupus was ordered. My autoimmune antibodies were high, but the results for anything definitive, i.e. lupus, were negative.

I was also referred to an allergist who immediately prescribed me some sort of topical and oral steroids to stop the itching and the swelling. I used a little bit of topical steroids to help with the itching (so I could sleep a little at night). However, I refused to take oral steroids to help with the cough and the rash. I did not want to exacerbate my existing water retention and weight gain problems from years of various oral prednisone course regimens.

By this time, my skin was subject to infection from constant, uncontrollable scratching and bleeding - quite an unsightly "scene." The chronic cough was irritating, as it prevented me from fully participating in meetings and/or from sleeping well at night. The allergist insisted that I get another X-Ray of my lungs, and referred me to see a pulmonologist.

After another normal chest X-ray and after a slew of pulmonary function tests, the pulmonologist prescribed me steroid inhalants to help with the chronic cough. He agreed with the allergist that I may have to consider taking regular allergy shots as I did when I was a little girl.

Since the rash was still out of control, I was finally sent to see a dermatologist, who took biopsy samples to ascertain the cause of my rash. After months of itching agony and visits to different specialists, no specific root cause of my illness was ever determined.

I was referred to Dr. Nancy Marshall by a close friend. After seeing Dr. Marshall, she put me on the combination of Skin Formula and Infection Formula. The rash responded to these herbal remedies immediately; the rash ceased spreading and the itch was more bearable (I finally could fall and stay asleep part of the night) with the additional application of a skin balm Dr. Marshall prescribed me. My cough responded favorably with her Cold, Flu, Cough Formula as well.

Seeing my rash's response to the herbal remedies, Dr. Marshall wanted to accelerate my recovery by starting me on an acupuncture treatment regimen. She also collated a special herbal tea/brew for me to bathe everyday. In three days of the acupuncture treatments and the special bathing with the herbal brew, my rash started disappearing. The redness and swelling subsided, and the itching stopped completely. It is difficult to describe my amazement and exhilaration at what Dr. Marshall was able to achieve.

Since my rash was cured by Dr. Marshall, I asked her if she could continue treating me for my ulna neuritis, caused by years of improper use of mouse on the computer. I informed her that the pain radiated from my neck, to my elbow, and to my little pinkie. I was treated by orthopedists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other acupuncturists for over ten years with no resolve. Dr. Marshall modestly responded that she would try.

After four months of acupuncture and moxibustion, my ulna neuritis and the water retention/swelling of my face caused by the past use of oral steroids improved noticeably. My friends often commented on how "good" I looked these days without the look of bloatedness and swelling.

Two weeks ago, in June of 2008, I suddenly felt a sharp pain along the sides of my left knee and left thigh. While the stabbing pain was hurtful to touch, I was not able to determine what I might have done to have caused this unexpected affliction.

I made an appointment to see my internist right away. After she carefully examined my perfect, normal appearing knee and thigh, she concluded that she was equally mystified by this sudden onset. She, again, ordered auto-immune antibody panels to assure that the pain was not associated with a potential episode of auto-immune disease.

Dr. Marshall started acupuncture and moxibustion treatments around my left thigh and knee while waiting for the lab results to return. After two treatments, I discovered a few red spots started to appear around my knee and thigh. I quickly realized that the pain was the prelude to shingles I was about to experience.

My internist confirmed my preliminary self-diagnosis. She put me on Valtrex right away. Dr. Marshall put me on the Cold, Flu, and Cough Formula, and the Infection Formula as both formulas contained anti-viral ingredients as well. Since Dr. Marshall's herbs are not chemical extracts of the original herbal plan, they were safe to use with Valtrex. With the combination of acupuncture and East/West medication and herbs, my shingles were completely cured in one week. The pain ceased, and the rash yielded way before it ever turning to blisters or pox.

Despite my desire to keep my own health issues private, I am writing this testimonial so that others could benefit from Dr. Marshall's herbal remedies and acupuncture treatment. What she has done for me is something I will forever feel grateful and cherish for life.
Eduardo Hernandez; Businessman, Los Angeles, CA
I got pneumonia on Dec. 23, two days before Christmas, and admitted to hospital in the same day. I had fever and was coughing badly; Doctors gave me antibiotics, they didn’t work, so they gave me steroid. After taking the steroid, my blood sugar and blood pressure were shooting up, but my fever and cough were still there. For almost three weeks later, I was still in hospital with fever and cough. In desperation, I thought of Dr. Marshall and her HERBALmax, she had saved me from a life threatening infection back a few years ago. So I sent my colleagues to Dr. Marshall. She gave me the HERBALmax Infection formula and Cough, Flu & Cold formula. I was directed by Dr. Marshall to take the herbs 6 capsules each every 4 hours. I started to take the herbs early that afternoon; the same night was the first night after three weeks my fever had stopped. The second day, I felt pretty normal. So I asked my doctor to release me from hospital. To me the HERBALmax are life savers and they are true miracle products.
Minerva Lugo; Los Angeles, CA
I have a 5 years old daughter. For a year and a half my daughter suffered from eye problems. Her eyes were swollen, itching and red. She was constantly scratching her eyes. We went so many doctors and specialists. She was given all kind of medications, pills and creams. Nothing had worked; no doctor knows what to do with my daughter’s problems. My friend brings me to Dr. Marshall. Dr. Marshall said my daughter has eczema and eczema related inflammations on her eye lids and begin into her eyes. She gave me the Herbalmax Skin Allergy formula and Infection formula. She told me to open 3 capsules of the each formula, put them together, adding hot water making the herbs into an herbal tea, then use the herbal tea to wash my daughter’s eyes. I did exactly what Dr. Marshall told me to. Three days later, my daughter’s eyes was cleared up, the itching has also stopped, swollen was down, and she has no problems since. Later I heard a similar case from another little girl; unfortunately the girl had lost one of her eye. I feel so lucky that we find Dr. Marshall and her herbalmax. They have not only stopped my daughter’s suffering from her eye problems, they have also saved my daughter’s eyes. I wish that family could find the herbalmax early so their daughter’s eye could be saved. The herbalmax are amazing products.
Marin Guidard; Business Owner, Las Vegas, NV
Back 4 or 5 months ago, I had a bad headache. The headaches lasted 4 to 5 hours. After the headaches, I started having double vision. I had to cover one eye so I can see things normal. Nobody has any idea what has happened to my vision. My nephew brought me to Dr. Marshall, she said that it may be a blood vessel behind of my eye that had either cramped or bleed that may have caused me headaches and affected my vision nerves. She also found that I have high blood pressure.

Dr. Marshall gave me an acupuncture treatment to adjust my vision; She also gave me a few of the herbalmax formulas: the herbalmax Heart formula to dissolve the blood clots if there are any still behind of my eyes, Blood Pressure formula for my high blood pressure that could be the cause for the problem; Stress formula that may be another cause of my problem because I am constantly have high stress. After the acupuncture treatment, almost immediately when we walked out her office, I suddenly realize that my double vision was improved so significant that I see things almost normal again. I had a second treatment by Dr. Marshall to ensure my vision 100% go back normal. I am on the herbalmax now. I am very happy because the Stress formula works so well and am really relaxed, my blood pressure also back to normal after only 3 days on the blood pressure formula. I feel so fortunate that I found Dr. Marshall and her herbalmax formulations, if not I don’t know what could I do for all the problems I were suffering from.

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