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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am in my early 50s. The last few years, I've suffered many mood problems. I have bad insomnia, am often depressed, easily angered, and very tired. My doctor is suggesting that I should take hormones but I'm afraid to take them for fear of cancer. How is your menopause formula, and do you think it will help my situation?
A: Based on what you tell me, your mood problems are a few of the symptoms of menopause. Menopause symptoms are common and normal for mid-aged women to experience. I am sure the menopause formula is just what your need. The formula is designed for subsiding pre-menopause or menopausal symptoms. Created based on Chinese medicine theory, the formula balances the body without the addition of hormones. This 100% safe herbal formula helps women adjust comfortably with aging without side effects.
Q: I have had chronic depression coupled with anxiety for many years. I've been prescribed much medication and sometimes they work and other times they do not. Also, the medications I've taken bring me a lot of side effects. I have lost sexual desire as well as function. Because of this, my wife left me, and now I am even more depressed. Do you think that the HERBALmax Mood & Fatigue will help me? I read your web site which said the Mood & Fatigue also helps with anxiety, and I saw that you also have an Anxiety Formula. Should I only take the Mood & Fatigue formula for my depression and anxiety? Or I should take Mood & Fatigue formula and Anxiety formula?
A: Mood & Fatigue is designed mainly for depression. Because many people who have depression also have some degree of anxiety, I designed this formula with herbs to help anxiety. For patients with depression and mild anxiety, the Mood & Fatigue alone should work well. But if patients have depression and extreme anxiety, then they should take both the Mood & Fatigue formula and Anxiety formula.
Q: I am taking antidepressant medication now. Can I stop my medication to take the Mood & Fatigue Formula instead?
A: If you want to take the Mood & Fatigue formula instead of your medication, you should talk with your doctor first. You must stop your antidepressant medication gradually. It is important that you not abruptly stop your medication because your brain has gotten used to the chemicals you are taking. If you suddenly stop to taking your medication, you may feel okay at first, but your depression may worsen. If you have severe depression, then you must talk with your doctor first before you make any change. If you decide to stop your medication, then you can try the following steps:

Begin the Mood & Fatigue formula and continue to take your medication for 2-3 days. If you feel good, then start cutting your medication down. Reduce your medication dose by 10% every week. So, over the first week, you would take 90% of your original dose. The next week, you would take 80% of your dosage, and so on. If you do not feel good at any point, you may take more of the Mood & Fatigue formula or stop cutting back on your medication for a period of time. In my clinical experience, most patients who choose to stop taking their medication will be able to do so, if they discontinue gradually. The decision to discontinue medication should be made in consultation with your physician.
Q: Your web site says with bad cases, an additional dose of your formula can be readily added. Does that mean I can adjust the dose by myself if I take your formulas?
A: You are exactly right. Everybody is different, and every condition is different too, even with the same illness. As you know, in clinics, doctors often need to adjust the dosage for their patients of various degrees of sickness. The same can be said of HERBALmax because the herbs in the formulas are carefully selected through ancient book and clinical records, scientific studies, and my own clinical experiences. Because of this, they are 100% safe products and patients can adjust the dosage to their most comfortable level and meet their needs.
Q: I have genetic high cholesterol. Most of my family members live only to their 50s and 60s is considered long lived for us. I am 48 years old and my cholesterol is reaching 400mg/dl. I already had a heart attack last year. I can't sleep well because it's difficult to breathe, and I am in constant emotional fear of dying. I stopped taking medicine for my cholesterol because they made me feel sick. What should I do? Do you think your herbs will help me?
A: Your case is very severe and should be taken care of immediately. Because your cholesterol is up seriously high, it threatens your life. You should take more herbs to make sure your cholesterol level is reduced as soon as possible to improve your heart condition. My recommendation is for you to begin taking a combination of the Liver formula, Cholesterol formula and Heart formula. One of the functions of the Liver formula is to detoxify liver waste with high levels of gallbladder bile. The sufficient gallbladder bile also helps in digesting cholesterol, so the Liver formula will be a strong aide to the cholesterol formula in reducing your severely high cholesterol. The Heart formula is an excellent formula to help your heart, clean coronary artery and regulate heart beat to make sure your heart is protected before your cholesterol levels normalize. It can help your heart to recover. Take the three herbal formula combinations until your conditions are under control. Then you can stop the Liver formula. The Heart formula will probably take a little longer until your heart condition is really good. And you should stay on Cholesterol formula. And be sure to take blood tests often to make sure that your cholesterol level is in the safe range.
Q: If I take the Cholesterol Formula, can I eat anything I want?
A: I have to be honest with you; I can not fix your troubled heart valves. I am not a surgeon, and in cases like yours, if it is not imminently life threatening, there is still something you can do besides heart surgery, which will be very effective. Many people born with troubled heart valves do not have any symptoms until older. So if you can recover you heart condition to keep it functioning well just like a healthy heart in an early stage, you don't have to have a surgery. When heart valves cannot tightly close, it causes some problems for the heart. Over a long period of time, blood dropped into the bottom of the heart will cause it to enlargen to weigh down the heart. The enlarged and heavy heart will cause heart dysfunction. So if we can clean the blood clots out of the heart, and regulate the heart beat, then your heart will be healthy again.

My suggestion is that: First take the Heart Formula to regulate your heart beat (regular heart beat is one of the effective properties of the Heart formula). Also take the Cholesterol Formula to clean the blood clots (this formula has a strong ability to dissolve the blood clots) out your heart. Also did you know acupuncture treatment is very powerful for regulating heart beats? It not only effective, it also works immediately. So if you could go to an acupuncturist to regulate your heart beat, it will improve even more. From what I've experienced, you should notice the improvement within a few days.

If your condition notably improves in a couple of weeks, then you can continue the healing treatment until your heart functions well. Then you need to maintain your heart in health. In the mean time you should go to your doctor, you should always check on your heart to make sure it is in good health. If in case it doesn't work, then you may have to choose the surgery.
Q: I am already on blood pressure medication; the medication I take causes me so many side effects. Can I stop my medication and start to take the Blood Pressure formula?
A: This is a common situation when patients are on currently on prescribed medication and desire to change to an alternative supplement. In this case you should do the followings:
1. Ask your personal physician to direct you in changing process.
2. Or if for some reason you cannot see a physician then follow the steps below carefully:
a. Check your blood pressure (or your cholesterol, whatever you plan to change) before you start the herbal formulas and write down the results in a notebook.
b. Take your herbal formula (do not stop your medication), then check your blood pressure. Continue to take and check for 2-3 days. If you see your blood pressure is dropping, then start cutting down your blood pressure medication 20% at a time. Continue checking your blood pressure to make sure it stays in at a healthy level. If it continues to cut your blood pressure medication, use it every 3-5 days until it is gone. If your blood pressure does not drop with the herbal formula, discontinue use. Please remember you cannot cut your blood pressure medication instantly, and do not stop your blood pressure medicine totally and suddenly, as it may cause your blood pressure to suddenly increase.
Q: I am on a Cholesterol medication that causes my liver dysfunction. Can I stop my medication and take your Cholesterol formula?
A: The first condition to changing your cholesterol medication to an herbal supplement, is making sure your herbal supplement is works for you; the second is you need to gradually let your body adjust. Slowly means to start your herbal formula first for a week or two. Then cutting down your cholesterol medication little by little (as much as 15% at one time), then every 5 days or a week cutting more. After two months of taking the Cholesterol herbs, you should go for a blood test to see how your body is responding to the herbs. If a blood test shows everything goes well, then you can continue to cut down your medication until it is down to 0. Remember, do not stop your Cholesterol medicine totally and suddenly, as it may cause your Cholesterol to suddenly spike. For the person with severe high cholesterol, I do not recommend you to change your medication to the herbs without your doctor's permission or direction.
Q: My daughter has been coughing for several weeks. She has been on prescription drugs and over the counter cough medicines, but nothing has helped her. Do you think your Flu, Cold & Cough formula will help her?
A: I am sure the Flu, Cold & Cough formula is just perfect for her. It is a proven formula acclaimed by many of my patients excellent for cough. The Flu, Cold & Cough formula is designed for cough from all courses, allergies (same causes with the cold), viruses (same causes with the flu), and bacteria. The herbal formula also specially targets bronchial tubes. It works and works quickly. You can follow the dose instruction on the bottle (for different ages), and you can also adjust a little bit by yourself to make sure it is just enough to work because even with the same age and body weight responses to the herbs may differ.
Q: My mom has been taking your Heart, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Formulas for several months. Now she feels pretty good; she doesn't have any heart palpitation, insomnia and fatigue, and the fearful feeling of death she's had for a long time is now gone. And she also doesn't take any medications. Her blood pressure is also in a very good range. She had a blood test a few weeks ago that indicated her cholesterol is in a good range too. We are wondering that if her heart is totally recovered? And do you think that she can stop taking all the herbs formulas?
A: I am glad that your mom's condition improved well. She may try to stop the heart formula for a while to see how she feels. If she feels fine she may stop the Heart formula. The Blood Pressure formula she should continue, only to stop if the formula drops her blood pressure below the normal range. For the Cholesterol formula I definitely suggest her to continue taking that because of her past heart condition and her age. The Cholesterol formula is not only good in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, it can also protect heart and clean the coronary artery. If her cholesterol gets high again, it may bring new damage to her already fragile heart.
Q: I have had skin allergy (eczema) since I was a little girl. It doesn't matter how careful I am, my hands, legs, arms and sometimes even my neck just looks awful. I am tired of taking all the medications because my problems just get worse and worse. Do you think your skin formula will help me? How long do I have to take them to feel better or until my allergy gets totally healed?
A: I am certain the Skin formula will help you. Skin formula works quickly for eczema, you should see an improvement just in 2-3 days, and I mean that you can see your condition is getting better, not cured. In your case, because the eczema has become very chronic, you probably have to take the Skin formula for a long time (I mean months, maybe even longer) depending on how careful you treat yourself. Something important for you to follow while taking the skin herbs: a. keep clothing thin, well breathed and loose clothes to make sure letting the air goes through; b, don't take hot bathes, that may bring to much heat to your sensitive skin. c. don't eat shrimp and crabs; d, avoid spicy food including garlic and onions; e, be careful in choosing cosmetic products even soap and shampoo (simple and older formulas are better); f, avoid chemicals from fresh paints.
Q: I have some weird problems. Last few months, my body suddenly started growing big boils. The boils are in different areas, some near groins, some under arms, and some near my private area. I went to see my doctor, she prescribed different antibiotics and anti-allergy medication, none of which worked. What I should do, do you have any thing that could help me?
A: Most skin problems are allergies or infections, and few are autoimmune or neural disorders. Skin allergies can be caused by many factors, including food, cosmetic products, plants, chemicals, drugs, etc. Infections can be caused by bacteria and viruses. And autoimmune disorder can be from heritage or after virus or bacteria attacks. Besides autoimmune and neural disorders causing skin allergies, usually skin problems are not as difficult as people once thought they were. Also, some cases of psoriasis that are diagnosed with autoimmune disorder end of just chronic eczemas, the misdiagnosis are due to the condition of chronic eczema so similar with psoriasis.

Your "weird" skin condition sounds like a severe infection, and sounds like some specific bacteria or viruses are traveling through your lymph system according to where you've described the boils to be developing. The antibiotics didn't work that may be the bacteria that is causing the infection has developed resistance to the antibiotic, or you may just have a virus, which don't respond to antibiotics anyway.

Try the infection formula, the formula is made by herbs that contain antibacterial and antivirus properties. In my clinical practice, I often use the herbs as natural antibiotics to help my patients who have infection. It usually works well.
Q: My son has always been sick and he easily catches the cold and flu. Every time he catches a cold or flu, he also gets an ear infection. He has already had three ear surgeries and even though the flu season hasn't come yet, he is already getting another ear infection. I hate to give him another surgery, but I don't know what I can do to protect him. Can you help him?
A: Ear infections in children are common. Let him to take the Infection formula and the Flu & Cold formula. Give him a little strong dose; I am pretty sure that his ear infection will go away. Then keep the same herbs at home, each time when he starts flu or cold, give him the Flu & Cold formula right away to make sure he will not really develop a cold or flu, thus avoiding an ear infection. After a couple of seasons avoiding the flu or cold, his immune system will strengthen, further preventing him from easily catching the flu or cold and getting ear infections.
Q: My husband has prostate cancer. He refused to do surgery, and chemo or any radiation therapy. Does your cancer formula will help him to stop his cancer? Or at least stop his cancer from growing?
A: Cancer is a very serious and dangerous illness. For most cancers, if it is in the beginning stage I would suggest to have surgery to cut the tumor if possible. Then consulting more doctors to see what treatment is the best for the patient. Low-grade tumors spread slowly and can be taken with a wait-and-see approach. Patients with early-stage prostate cancer, particularly those who are older or have other serious medical conditions may be recommended to use the herbal formulas. But these patients have to have regular examinations. If there is evidence of cancer growth, active treatment may be recommended. Because cancer can be a life-threatening problem, I do recommend that your husband follow the doctor's directions to do the treatment or watch tightly.

The cancer formula is a strong formula that designed for cancer patients or patients have had cancer. It is perfect for the low-grade tumor patients to take. But still always follow with regular examinations to make sure the patient is on the way recovery or at least stays safe. The cancer formula is also an excellent formula for patients to take before or after surgery and therapies because it is also designed for enhance immunity, reduce tumor and help cleanse cancer cells. As I said before, cancer is a dangerous problem and nothing and nobody can guarantee to cure cancer.
Q: I have been on hormones for many years due to my menopause symptoms. I have heard a lot of bad things about taking hormones, so I've tried a few times to stop the hormones and take herbs to instead. But each time I stopped my hormones, I got very bad hot flashes, sweat etc. My question is that will your Menopause formula help me stop the hormones that I have had for many years?
A: Usually you can stop your hormones by taking the Menopause formula. Follow the following steps to start:
1. Start taking Menopause formula first for a week.
2. Cut 10% of your hormones off after a week of being on the herbal formula.
3. If you feel fine, then continue cutting 10% more of hormones in the second week while on the herbal formula. Continue cutting 10% week after until the hormones are gone if you feel fine. If your hot flashes come back, you can stay on the level where you are and wait a couple of more weeks then try again.
4. Two months after you finish your hormones, go to for a blood test to see how your cholesterol and your body are responding to the change. Upon the test result you can take some nutrition supplements or herbal supplements if your need .
Q: I have a difficult high blood pressure. It is not terrible high but it is very hard to drop it down. My doctor have been trying to prescript me different medications but so far has nothing really worked. Do you think that your Blood Pressure formula will work for my blood pressure?
A: High blood pressure is a very complicated problem, it has different causes. There is no one blood pressure medication (or herb or herbal formula) works for every high blood pressure patient. The Blood Pressure formula works well for about 70-80% of the high blood pressure patients, and most of them with beginning and middle stage high blood pressure. I put two sizes: small and big bottle High Blood Pressure there, the small bottle is just designed for first time buyer to try.

I suggest that:
1. buy a small bottle of High Blood Pressure formula to try first. If it works, you will see your blood pressure drop in 2-3 days.
2. If it is doesn't work, then takes the Blood Pressure formula with the Heart formula combine for two to three weeks to see if your blood pressure drops; In most cases it will drop.
3. If your blood pressure still high, stops taking the Heart formula, take the Anxiety and Blood Pressure formula combination for two to three weeks to see if it will drop your blood pressure.
By one of the three options usually your blood pressure will drop .

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